Bosch Automobile Service Center

Bosch Automobile Service Center

Euro Spec Inc. is Jacksonville’s premier family owned and operated Bosch Automobile Service Center specializing in European automotive service and repair. We take pride in meeting and exceeding all of the Bosch Corporations standards. All of our technicians are highly trained by Bosch in automobile service and repair, electrical diagnostics, routine maintenance, and vehicle specific factory training.

Bosch Car Service centers, like ours, include the very best of independently owned service centers. In order to qualify for membership, Euro Spec Inc. and all of our technicians have had to pass a rigorous certification process, based on technical skill, customer service, and facility design and appearance. As a Bosch Service Center that offers quality repairs, we only offer the best replacement parts from Bosch, the largest original-equipment parts manufacturer in the world.

Our staff is frequently trained in the newest factory bulletins and repair procedures to make sure your vehicle is repaired correctly the first time. The care we take in every vehicle, whether you come in for a simple oil change or a major engine and electrical repair, is second to none. Our service staff emphasizes on customer care to make sure your experience with us is nothing but the best.

General Maintenance

Our highly trained technicians carry out all factory recommended services specific to each car line we specialize in, as well as many other car lines. We only use factory recommended fluids and parts to ensure a long life and reliability for your automobile.

Tire Service & Alignment

Euro Spec Inc. is Tire Rack’s #1 rated tire installer in Northeast Florida. We have a state of the art high speed tire balancer and tire mounting machines for an accurate balancing. We use Teflon heads on our tire machine to make sure that your valuable wheels remain scratch free while in our care. Our staff takes care not to damage any tire pressure monitors installed in tires and we perform tire pressure monitor adapting after each mount and balance, if applicable. We also offer tire dismount and repairs for those pesky nails that litter our roadways.

Want a perfect alignment? We have just the thing for that. We can perform standard and performance alignments on ANY car or light truck with our perfect laser alignment machine.

Transmission Repair

As a Certified Bosch Service Center we have a direct line to many OEM transmission suppliers, such as ZF Transmissions, to get parts and rebuilt units. Transmission electronics are one of our specialties. We can troubleshoot and repair any internal electronic transmission from control modules to conductor plates and valve bodies.

Make sure to service your transmission every 40-50k miles. Many vehicles today come with “Lifetime Fluid” but that only lasts the lifetime of the transmission and a transmission that doesn’t get serviced is a ticking time bomb.

Engine Repair

Has your vehicle stopped running smoothly? Does it make a knocking or ticking sound? Your car’s engine is the heart of your vehicle and can’t be ignored. At Euro Spec Inc., we can troubleshoot and identify your engine and running issues with our advanced diagnostic equipment and vast knowledge base.

We perform basic tune-ups, as well as major engine repairs and replacements. Maintenance is key to extending the life of your car. Engine electronics is just another one of our specialties – we love a good challenge and are well versed in vehicle electronics. Every vehicle brought into our shop that is running roughly or has the check engine light turned on gets a full vehicle diagnostics test. It’s important to know all the possible issues with a car before trying to diagnose one specific problem.

Brake Repair

Our technicians thoroughly inspect brake systems for wear and integrity. Whether it’s a simple brake pad replacement or an ABS or traction control issue, rest assured that we will get you back on the road safely. Our technicians have equipment to flush and bleed the most advanced brake hydraulic systems and to disengage electronic brake systems for repair on BMW, Mini-Cooper, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Audi.

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